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Enhancement of Sound Source Surrounded by Ambient Noise Using Pair of Microphone Arrays
  • Yusuke Hioka, (NTT Cyber Space Laboratories, NTT Corporation)
  • Kazunori Kobayashi, (NTT Cyber Space Laboratories, NTT Corporation)
  • Ken'ichi Furuya, (NTT Cyber Space Laboratories, NTT Corporation)
  • Akitoshi Kataoka, (NTT Cyber Space Laboratories, NTT Corporation)
  • Sound enhancement and sound separation
  • Microphone arrays and array signal processing
  • Noise reduction techniques
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We propose a method for ambient noise reduction using a pair of small microphone arrays separated from each other to avoid using a large aperture array. The proposed method includes the idea of applying a nonlinear filter in the frequency domain, which is designed from several beamforming outputs in order to use the spatial information about sound sources, to suppress noise components. This idea enables the suppression of ambient noise that comes from behind the target using small microphone arrays, which has been a challenging issue. Thus, noise reduction performance is expected to be improved.We performed experiments in a room with slight reverberation and confirmed that the method succeeds in suppressing the ambient noise to about 13 dB, which is a much better effect than that of the conventional beamforming method using a large-aperture microphone array.

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