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3 Audio source separation using sparsity Abdeldjalil Aissa-El-Bey, Hicham Bousbia-Salah, Karim Abed-Meraim, Yves Grenier
4 Eigendomain-based noise estimation with the minimum statistics approach Vinesh Bhunjun, Mike Brookes, Jimi Y. C. Wen
5 Sound Source Separation of Overcomplete Convolutive Mixtures Using Generalized Sparseness Masahito Togami, Takashi Sumiyoshi, Akio Amano
7 Markov-Switching GARCH Model and Application to Speech Enhancement in Subbands Ari Abramson, Israel Cohen
8 Performance Analysis of Cross-band Adaptation for Subband Acoustic Echo Cancellation Yekutiel Avargel, Israel Cohen
9 Post-Processing for BSS algorithms to recover spatial cues Stefan Wehr, Meray Zourub, Robert Aichner, Walter Kellermann
10 Doubletalk Detection Using Real Time Recurrent Learning Asif Mohammad, Jack Stokes, John Platt, Arun Surendran, Steven Grant
11 Theoretical analysis of binaural cue preservation using multi-channel Wiener filtering and interaural transfer functions Simon Doclo, Thomas J. Klasen, Tim Van den Bogaert, Jan Wouters, Marc Moonen
12 Enhancement of Sound Source Surrounded by Ambient Noise Using Pair of Microphone Arrays Yusuke Hioka, Kazunori Kobayashi, Ken'ichi Furuya, Akitoshi Kataoka
13 Hybrid Dereverberation Using Blind Deconvolution and Spectral Subtraction to Compensate for Motion of Source Ken'ichi Furuya, Akitoshi Kataoka
14 MMSE Log-Sectral Amplitude Estimator for Multiple Interferences Emanuel Habets, Israel Cohen, Sharon Gannot
15 Subband-based parameter Optimization in Noise Reduction Schemes by means of Objective Perceptual Quality Measures Thomas Rohdenburg, Volker Hohmann, Birger Kollmeier
17 Controlling Speech Distortion in Adaptive Frequency-Domain Principal Eigenvector Beamforming Ernst Warsitz, Reinhold Haeb-Umbach
18 A unification of adaptive multi-microphone noise reduction systems Ann Spriet, Simon Doclo, Marc Moonen, Jan Wouters
19 Dual-Microphone Robust Front-End for Arm's-Length Speech Recognition Holly Francois, David Pearce, James Rex
20 Underdetermined source separation by ICA and homomorphic signal processing Stefan Winter, Walter Kellermann, Hiroshi Sawada, Shoji Makino
21 Performance evaluation of sparse source separation and DOA estimation with observation vector clustering in reverberant environments Shoko Araki, Hiroshi Sawada, Ryo Mukai, Shoji Makino
22 Blind speech separation by combining beamformers and a time frequency binary mask Jan Cermak, Shoko Araki, Hiroshi Sawada, Shoji Makino
23 Stereo Acoustic Echo Control Using a Simplified Echo Path Model Christof Faller, Christophe Tournery
24 Speech Enhancement Based on a Robust Adaptive Kalman Filter Marcel Gabrea
25 Estimation of the Signal-To-Interference Ratio Based on Normalized Cross-Correlation with Symmetric Leaky Blocking Matrices in Adaptive Microphone Arrays Thanh Phong Hua, Akihiko Sugiyama, Régine Le Bouquin Jeannes, Gérard Faucon
26 Combined Beamforming and Frequency Domain ICA for Source Separation Nilesh Madhu, André Gückel, Rainer Martin
27 Iterated Delay and Predict Equalization For Blind Speech Dereverberation Mahdi Triki, Dirk T.M. Slock
28 Noise Power Spectral Density Estimation on Highly Correlated Data Dirk Mauler, Rainer Martin
29 Voice activity detection in the DFT domain based on a parametric noise model Colin Breithaupt, Rainer Martin
30 Blind sparse source separation with spatially smoothed time-frequency masking Shoko Araki, Hiroshi Sawada, Ryo Mukai, Shoji Makino
31 Real time Implementation of a Blind Beamformer for Subband Speech Enhancement using Kurtosis Maximization Benny Sällberg, Mikael Swartling, Nedelko Grbic, Ingvar Claesson
32 Multi-Channel Inverse Filtering with Selection and Enhancement of a Loudspeaker for Robust Sound Field Reproduction Shigeki Miyabe, Masayuki Shimada, Tomoya Takatani, Hiroshi Saruwatari, Kiyohiro Shikano
33 Evaluation of Speech Dereverberation Algorithms using the MARDY Database Jimi Y. C. Wen, Nikolay Gaubitch, Emanuel Habets, Tony Myatt, Patrick Naylor
34 A Warped Low Delay Filter for Speech Enhancement Heinrich Löllmann, Peter Vary
35 Minimum mean-square error amplitude estimators for speech enhancement under the generalized gamma distribution Richard Hendriks, Jan Erkelens, Jesper Jensen, Richard Heusdens
36 From Source Localization to Blind Source Separation: an intuitive route to convolutive blind source separation Bjoern Schoelling, Martin Heckmann, Frank Joublin, Christian Goerick
37 Speech Enhancement of Multiple Moving Sources Based on Subband Clustering Time-Delay Estimation Zohra Yermeche, Nedelko Grbic, Ingvar Claesson
38 Blind Spatial Subtraction Array with Independent Component Analysis for Hands-free Speech Recognition Yu Takahashi, Tomoya Takatani, Hiroshi Saruwatari, Kiyohiro Shikano
39 Microphone Array Post-Processor Using Instanteneous Direction of Arrival Ivan Tashev, Alex Acero
40 Two Stage Estimation for the Echo Paths in Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Cancellation Christof Faller, Tomas Gänsler, Martin Vetterli
41 Space Constrained Beamformer with a soft adaptation blocking system and non-coherent cancellation Siow Yong Low, Sven Nordholm
43 MSE optimal regularization of APA and NLMS algorithms in room acoustic applications Toon van Waterschoot, Geert Rombouts, Marc Moonen
44 Echo Reduction Based on Speech Codec Parameters Emmanuel Thepie, Christophe Beaugeant, Hervé Taddei, Nicolas Dütsch, Dominique Pastor
45 Second-order statistics based dereverberation by using nonstationarity of speech Takuya Yoshioka, Takafumi Hikichi, Masato Miyoshi
48 Near End Listening Enhancement with Strict Loudspeaker Output Power Constraining Bastian Sauert, Gerald Enzner, Peter Vary
49 Single Channel Blind Dereverberation Based on Auto-Correlation Functions of Frame-wise Time Sequences of Frequency Components Kenko Ohta, Masuzo Yanagida
50 Inverse Filtering for Speech Dereverberation Less Sensitive to Noise Takafumi Hikichi, Marc Delcroix, Masato Miyoshi
51 An Experimental Study of the Eigendecomposition Methods for Blind SIMO System Identification in the Presence of Noise Soroush Javidi, Nikolay Gaubitch, Patrick Naylor
52 Single Sensor Source Separation Using Multiple-Window STFT Representation Laurent Benaroya, Raphaël Blouet, Cédric Févotte, Israel Cohen
53 The complex multichannel LMS algorithm for adaptive blind system identification Nikolay Gaubitch, Patrick Naylor
54 Evaluations of an Echo Suppressor Based on a Frequency-Domain Model of Highly Nonlinear Residual Echo Osamu Hoshuyama, Akihiko Sugiyama

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