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MMSE Log-Sectral Amplitude Estimator for Multiple Interferences
  • Emanuel Habets, (Technische Universiteit EIndhoven)
  • Israel Cohen, (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)
  • Sharon Gannot, (Bar-Ilan University)
  • Noise reduction techniques
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In this paper we present an algorithm for robust speech enhancement based on an Optimal Modified Minimum Mean-Square Error Log-Spectral Amplitude (OM-LSA) estimator for multiple interferences. In the original OM-LSA one interference was taken into account. However, there are many situations where multiple interferences are present. Since the human ear is more sensitive to a small amount of residual non-stationary interference than to a stationary interference we would like to reduce the non-stationary interference signal down to the residual noise level of the stationary interference. Possible applications for the proposed algorithm are joint speech dereverberation and noise reduction, and joint residual echo suppression and noise reduction. Additionally, we present two possible methods to estimate the a priori Signal to Noise Ratio of each of the interferences.

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