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Audio source separation using sparsity
  • Abdeldjalil Aissa-El-Bey, (GET/Telecom Paris)
  • Hicham Bousbia-Salah, (ENP Algiers)
  • Karim Abed-Meraim, (GET/Telecom Paris)
  • Yves Grenier, (GET/Telecom Paris)
  • Sound enhancement and sound separation
  • Microphone arrays and array signal processing
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In this paper, we are interested in blind source separation from instantaneous mixtures of audio signals. Using the sparsity property of audio signals, we propose an iterative method that relies on a relative gradient technique which minimizes a contrast function based on the lp norm. This norm is considered as a good sparsity measure. The simulations show that the proposed method outperforms other methods based on source independency.

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