Télécom Paris

Anders Eriksson (Multimedia Technologies Department, Ericsson Research)
September 14, 2006 at 14H30

This talk will start with a system overview of the functional elements in the mobile network that affect the speech quality, including the mobile devices and speech coding and transport issues. The implementation of speeech enhancement in mobile devices is vital to exploit the intrinsic speech quality of these elements.

Next, some results on the performance of state-of-the art mobile devices with respect to the basic speech enhancement functionalities speech and noise level adjustment and acoustic echo control will be given. The results are based on general surveys of state-of-the art mobile devices. A discussion on performance evaluation of particularly noise reduction and echo control will also be given in conjunction to the results.

The talk will be concluded with a discussion on the challenges that the speech enhancement functions in mobile devices face. This includes operating conditions (e.g. handset or speaker mode), signal conditions (noise and speech and echo levels) and complexity constraints.

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